Weight Loss Starts In Your Head!

Do you engage in "look-and-lose" dieting? Have you read several books on diets and studied every diet ever developed but are still unhappy with your weight? Have you let your search for the perfect diet become a cover for failing to make the necessary changes to your present eating habits that would improve your health? If so, you might not be aware that the secret to your success and pleasure is in how you think.

Weight Loss Starts In Your Head!

Do you ever tell yourself that you are obese or that your hips are too big? When many of us glance in the mirror, we quickly draw comparisons to the "ideal" human beings we see on TV, in publications, and in the news every day.

We frequently talk to ourselves and make justifications for our current and desired selves, such as "It's in my genes," "I'm much too busy to get in shape," and "I like myself thus."

Most individuals honestly want to drop a few pounds, if we are being completely honest with ourselves. If only we knew how.

The good news is that you CAN attain your ideal body shape with the proper self-perception, knowledge of how to obtain optimal nutrition, healthy eating practices, and strategies for incorporating movement into your lifestyle to maintain lean muscle mass.

The most crucial thing is to regularly exercise your mind in order to maintain a positive self-image.

Self-image is intimately linked to the accomplishment or failure of whatever objective you decide to pursue, but being fit and healthy is the one that is most closely linked.

So how can you go about improving your perception of yourself? Fortunately, your self-image will benefit from regular exercise just like your muscles would. With a few regular activities, you may genuinely improve how you feel about yourself.

Activity One: Self Examination

Make a note of all the negative ideas you have about yourself to start. I lack discipline, can't manage my time, disappoint others, can't achieve, and don't get enough exercise. Before you begin this process, you must make the decision that you won't give up; although you will have to be honest with yourself about these things, your life does not have to be dictated by them.

Make a second list of all the qualities you LIKE about yourself after that. Continue until this list EXCEEDS the original one you created. You may say something like, "My daughter enjoys the way I design her room," "I am an excellent chef," "I can make people laugh," "I contribute to the soccer club," etc.

Then, take your list of "negatives" and convert it into your list of "potentials." To do this, create a positive self-image for each of the "negatives" you identified. Write the opposite belief, "I will succeed," in place of "I can't succeed."

Throw the list of "negatives" out ceremoniously and bid it farewell. They won't be a part of how you think about yourself any longer, so burn them, throw them away, or otherwise eliminate them.

Now, store your list of candidates in a visible location. In a photo frame on your desk, on the door of your refrigerator, or in your daily diary. Ensure that they are always in front of you so that you can read them frequently and reprogram your daily thoughts.

Activity Two: You Can Be What You Want to Be

Now that you have your possible candidates' list... Run your own visualization exercises to help you "see" yourself differently. Imagine yourself with a modest quantity on your plate and feeling entirely content after your meal, for instance, if one of your potentials is "I eat just the correct portions."

Every day, go over your list of potentials while spending some personal time to meditate deeply on your visualizations. Try seeing yourself as the person on your list, going through your list of things to accomplish, starting your day first thing in the morning and ending it as the last thing at night.

Activity Three: Keep a Journal of Your Daily Successes

Keep track of every time your opinions about yourself have improved. We all experience successes and "failures." Because it's human nature to repeat and, perhaps, exaggerate the negatives, you must keep a record of the good improvements and remind yourself of them frequently. It's critical to appreciate and acknowledge daily accomplishments, no matter how minor.

Activity Four: Go Easy On Yourself - You Are Beautiful Work In Progress

Not your own or others' criticism, just don't pay attention to it! Keep in mind that you are the architect of your self-esteem; do not give it to others. You are far too significant to hand this over. Protect your right to be the architect of your own self-perception and resist the need to consider unfavorable remarks. We all make errors, and those mistakes may serve as learning opportunities. Don't be harsh with yourself since you made a mistake because you are human. The one error we never learn from is the very last one.

Activity Five: Forget About The Past

The present moment is the only one you have to live. The difficulty is to take control of our thoughts so that we think in the same time zone as we live since you can't live in the future and you definitely shouldn't live in the past.

For instance, we could be inclined to dwell on yesterday's mistakes.

If only I hadn't gone back for seconds or reached for the chocolate biscuits. If we focus on the errors we made yesterday, this will cause our minds to replay and reinforce our blunders.

Make sure you don't relive yesterday's failures today and make the decision to change TODAY since yesterday is over and today is where you live.

Activity Six: Resolve to Change Today

Mental health

You cannot live in the future, just as you shouldn't live in the past. Only today can you live or change. One of the greatest truisms ever is possibly the oldest cliche in existence... Tomorrow will never arrive.

The now is the best possible moment. Therefore, none of the justifications you may have for delaying the beneficial actions you know you should do are true. Do it right away and today. Before you go to sleep tonight, make a commitment to change something about your own life.

Activity Seven: Write a Plan For your Life

It is your strategy for success. It's time for you to give your intentions for yourself direction and purpose if you haven't already. Review your list of potentials, and next to each one, note the deadline you wish to meet.

Activity Eight: Carry Affirmation Cards About Yourself

One of the quickest instruments for your success is this one. You become what you believe. Review your ideas each day to improve your perception of yourself. Affirmation cards, which you may keep in your wallet and check frequently, are one of the simplest methods to do this. Affirmation cards are brief sentences on a business card that remind you of your goals and serve as a trigger. An illustration would be:

  • I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.
  • I will be satisfied with single helpings.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you give it a try!

Activity Nine: Change Your Eating Habits

You are prepared to alter your physical habits now that the foundation has been laid. You are prepared to include a nutritious, well-balanced diet, good eating practices, frequent exercise, and downtime.

You may improve your self-esteem and unleash your inner potential to transform your life by following these nine exercises on a regular basis to alter the way you think. Lifelong thought patterns must be altered before ingrained eating patterns. We become what we believe. We can only be what we think we are capable of becoming.

Liberate your self-image as a result, and then watch how much more successful your healthy lifestyle plan becomes!

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