Learn How I Lost 150 Pounds In Just 14 Months

Learn How I Lost 150 Pounds In Just 14 Months

This is a genuine account of how I dropped 150 pounds in roughly 14 months rather than simply another fad diet book, of which there are plenty in libraries, bookshops, and online (and kept the pounds off). A tale that, in my opinion, everybody who can walk will find useful.

Let me first go back and explain how a 6' 0" middle-aged guy with a medium to big physique ended up weighing 335 pounds. It wasn't difficult, and it didn't appear to take that long either. Over the course of a few years, I was consuming a lot of fast food and hamburgers while getting little to no exercise

Sounds recognizable? I was quite busy with scuba diving and just in my job itself throughout my 30s and 40s. Then, all of a sudden, my work went from being a busy technician making and testing things to one where I sat in front of a computer for eight hours every day (and still do).

My body's metabolism slowed down as I got older (I'm now 54), especially because I had a desk job and consumed a lot of greasy burgers and other high-calorie foods. Eating large meals right before the night was especially terrible. 

I didn't have to wait long to weigh 335 pounds. My enormous tummy hung well over my belt line, and I bloated up like a giant, fat whale. To accommodate my girth, I had to purchase 3X shirts and 50" waist pants. I felt terrible and looked terrible.

The moment eventually arrived when I declared, "Enough is enough!" I wasn't feeling well, constantly felt out of breath, and found it difficult to climb the stairs to the bedroom. 

The next morning, I weighed myself using an excellent digital bathroom scale that I bought (undressed and after using the bathroom). The scale's upper weight limit was 330 pounds. The scale signaled an issue to me (a big fat capital E). 

I, therefore, weighed more than 330 pounds! Oh my God, I said. Not possible! I weighed myself that morning at work on the shipping scales. After breakfast and when fully clothed, I weighed roughly 340 pounds. My actual morning weight, then, was probably about 335.

Steps I took to lose the pounds…

I was aware that I didn't need or have the money to purchase pricey fitness gear. Additionally, I didn't want to join a fitness club at a high cost. 

There must be a better approach. After doing some internet research on aerobics and metabolism (the rate at which the body consumes fuel), I came to the conclusion that the best way for me to lose weight was to enhance my metabolism via aerobic activity and by altering my eating habits. "With oxygen" is the literal meaning of aerobic. 

Oxygen is used by the organism to burn fuel. The body consumes oxygen more effectively and burns fuel more effectively after aerobic activity. 

aerobic activity

I discovered that aerobic activity, such as brisk walking for 20 minutes or more without pausing, increases the body's metabolism even after you stop exercising, maybe for several hours. One of the extra benefits of aerobics is this.

Everyone reading this is urged to do an online search for "metabolism" and "aerobics." There is a lot more information there than I either need or can write here. There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel because knowledge is widely available.

This is what I did after becoming alarmed when my new digital bathroom scale went "Tilt"...

1. On my own computer, I made a spreadsheet where I could keep track of and enter my weight every Saturday morning (you can choose any day you wish, as long as you are consistent on when you weigh yourself). The best is once each week.

2. I conducted online research on how to lose weight and discovered the terms metabolism, aerobics, and aerobic exercise (and how they affect the body and calories). 

I changed my daily calorie intake to reflect my estimated ideal body weight of 180–185 pounds given my height and build. I don't really follow any specific diets, simply change my calorie consumption, but I do attempt to eat healthily most of the time.

3. I made a purchase of a quality pair of walking shoes. This is important!

4. I timed how long it took me to walk a mile at a brisk pace after measuring out a mile (using the odometer of my car) (brisk pace meaning walking fast enough to elevate my heart and respiration rate). 

I walked one mile in 20 minutes. Even though a 20-minute mile is not particularly quick, a 335-pound person can run it in that time. And for aerobic exercise to be good for the heart, you need to exercise for at least 20 minutes. My only course consisted of my neighborhood's sidewalks. both companies and residences and apartments.

5. For the first month or so, I walked a mile every day (a 20-minute walk after dinner). I found that I had more energy and was feeling better. My digital bathroom scale started to display a number instead of the big huge E error notice after the first 10 days, approximately. Clear progress!

6. In the second month, I raised my daily mileage to 1.5 kilometers (or a 30-minute walk after dinner). My legs' discomfort eventually subsided.

7. I kept doing this, going a half mile more each time, until I was doing six miles a day (doing three miles before work and three miles after work). You could want to modify your walks to account for the fact that six miles per day can be a touch excessive. But it worked for me, and eventually, I was able to walk three miles without becoming hot. The weight went away!

8. I reduced my daily mileage to four miles after losing close to 100 pounds (two before work and two after work). I also cover the distance more quickly-about a 17-minute mile).

9. I gained 185 pounds after 14 months, and it seems that's where my body wants to remain. I keep up my daily four-mile walk, monitor my daily caloric intake, and my weight has stabilized at 185 pounds.

Do I still occasionally indulge in an enormous, delicious burger and ice cream? OH YES! That stuff is awesome! But I weigh myself faithfully every Saturday morning, and 185 appears to be a nice and stable number for me. 

I don't deny myself the foods I enjoy, but I've figured out what, when, and how much I can eat without getting in trouble. Experimenting and making adjustments as necessary.

I eagerly anticipate my daily walks. In fact, I feel proud of myself after every stroll. A side advantage, I suppose. Walking is a fantastic way to release tension, especially after a long day at the workplace. 

Overall, my health has significantly improved. I no longer had the 150-pound barbell I was lugging around all day. All thanks to walking, my heart and cardiovascular system are lots better.

Other than the obvious positive effects on my health, one of the biggest advantages is that I always am stopped by neighbors and business owners who compliment my appearance. 

These are the individuals I would pass daily as I walked past their residences and businesses. They witnessed the transformation of a formerly very overweight individual into a slim person.


The bottom line…

I was sick of being overweight, knew it was harming me, and realized I had to act quickly. I was a surefire heart attack or stroke victim. 

I did some research and discovered that aerobic walking combined with a change in eating habits was the best approach for me. Although there are other activities that are effective, I think walking is the best for the human body. 

The costs are minimal-just the cost of a decent pair of walking shoes and some cozy clothing-and the rewards are immense. Also entertaining is it! Forget about those pricey, dull indoor treadmills! Walk outside in the fresh air!

Go for it if you are able to walk and have a space to do so! If you're anything like me, you'll have 100 times more energy. If you are very out of shape, start out slowly and work up to a few minutes each day. 

Stride forward while swinging your arms. Increase your distance until you can complete one mile, then two miles, and so on until you achieve your target weight. After you attain your ideal weight, don't give up since this is a lifelong commitment.

I am just half the man I used to be, according to my loved ones and coworkers. They are not far away at all! I switched from wearing 3X shirts and pants with a 50" waist to wearing big shirts and pants with a 34" waist. Yes, I had to buy brand-new clothes, but I wasn't at all bothered by the cost.

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