Weight Loss: The Genuinely Natural Method Without Tricks

Weight Loss The Genuinely Natural Method Without Tricks

Weight Loss: The Genuinely Natural Method Without Tricks

Forget the fads and hypes; a therapeutic program must address the three pillars of health-diet, exercise, and positive thinking if it is to be effective at anything, notably weight reduction. I'm hoping that this post will help you make the best decisions when it comes to achieving not just weight reduction but also fitness and overall good health.

You will be shocked to discover how many searches are made each day on the phrase "Weight Loss" alone if you use a keyword tracker tool or a search engine like Google.

Although the ordinary individual does wish to be liked, desired, and popular, this shouldn't be worrying. This may help to explain why we are drawn to celebrities and why we occasionally mindlessly adopt whatever diet or exercise regimen they may advocate, often at the expense of our own health.

Nature may be observed to demonstrate that no animal living in freedom is overstuffed with fat and is frequently exceedingly athletic, nimble, and intelligent. This is so that all animals, unlike humans, can maintain their health according to the basic rules of nature, which include eating the correct meals for your body type and exercising enough. These are the fundamental rules, although there are more, such as obtaining enough sleep, exposure to sunlight, and social interaction.

One of the reasons I'm writing this is to let you know that, in line with the slogan of my website on drugless healing, "if one way is true, it is the way of nature," there are a lot of myths and fads that claim to help you lose weight but when they are intelligently dissected will make you wonder why you ever thought to give them a try.

Additionally, my friends, nature does not submit to any deity and does not want acclaim or applause; all she asks for is to be heard.

Your greatest option for losing weight is to apply the three pillars of naturopathy:

  • Suitable Exercise
  • Right diet
  • Positive Mentality

I will now briefly describe each one:

Suitable Exercise

Suitable Exercise

As with practically everyone else, I formerly believed that large and bulging muscles indicated fitness and good health. Wrong. One of the greatest martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee, is said to have performed 1,000 pushups and other impressive strength feats. However, any image of him shows that he was not a bulging mass of muscle waiting to atrophy and deflate, as is the case with most fitness experts and bodybuilders using artificial supplements. I mean, take a look at the agedness depicted across his body.

This leads one to the conclusion that basic aerobic exercises that involve breathing in oxygen (like walking, jogging, and dancing) and anaerobic exercises that do not involve breathing in oxygen (like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, using the ab wheel, and weightlifting for bodybuilders) can be sufficient for exercise without the use of artificial substances. Yoga is unsurpassed for people looking for a kind of physical and mental fitness.

According to my observations, if you combine the Sun Salutations, which have been practiced for centuries and are hailed in yoga, martial arts, and African wrestling as the "best exercise for humans," with a healthy diet (which I will explain shortly), you will be well on your way to building strength and losing weight.

Some Indians engage in this wonderful workout for up to 100 rounds every day and are incredibly fit, strong, agile, and virulent. Add a few more poses, such as the inversions (Shoulder-Stand), forward bends (Head to Knee Pose), backward bends, and balancing poses (poses that are arguably the best for toning the arms, abdomen, and helping practitioners regain their sense of balance and confidence), and you are sure to see amazing results. Speaking of imitating famous people, did you know that Sting, Madonna, Russell Simmons, Beyonce, and Prince all practice some sort of yoga? And do I even need to say how toned and attractive they all look?

The bottom line is that, in my opinion, exercises that use the body's weight as resistance, such as Yoga, Calisthenics, and Pilates are arguably the best for the human body. I could go on and on about abdominal exercises and breathing exercises of the yoga genre (which, in the case of the latter, is also Extremely effective for weight loss).

Have you ever witnessed a chimpanzee continually lifting rocks? However, that extinct human relative is easily 8 times stronger than the typical person living today and can pull a vehicle door off. However, given that humans share 98 percent of our DNA with this primate and other primates, it begs the question of how much healthier and fitter we could be if we lived in accordance with and as close as possible to Nature's principles of nutrition and exercise.

Right diet

Right diet

It should be clear from the extreme quotations above that the majority of current meals and mixes are completely counter to Nature's design for human fitness, agility, and strength. Reread these three quotations if you want to lose weight, and the perfect diet will be staring you in the face: Veggies and fruits.

You may take it from a person who spent several months eating just raw veganism: it can be challenging to follow or accomplish. However, nowadays I mainly fast and eat single meals of fruit and raw or cooked veggies every other day. Because it is radical in nature and lacks a solid foundation, if you approach it the wrong way, you can end up failing.

The good news is that there are a number of books on the topic of this sort of diet, and although it is properly covered in the main e-book of my website, you may learn a little bit about it by searching for Vegan Diets, Raw Vegan Diets, or Vegetarianism in any search engine. I have tried all three types of diets, as well as the Standard American Diet, and I now firmly believe that the first two-and maybe the third, if followed intelligently and wisely-are the best for people, bar none.

In my post titled "Is a Low-Carb, High Protein Diet the Best for Weight Loss?," which is published in my blog and certain article directories, I touched on the topics of internal hygiene and non-animal products diets. But I'll quickly reiterate that, in light of the aforementioned quotations and the numerous instances in which this diet has been shown to be the finest (ask Bill Pearlman, the four-time Mr. Universe winner! ), there isn't much of a case to be made that a vegan diet is the healthiest option for people.

You may find my post, "How to Cure Acne in 10 Days," in some of the top article directories online. When Google completed its most recent spider crawl, it appeared in the majority of them, but I also included it in my blog for my readers' convenience.

I'll leave you with this point to think about, though, regarding a proper diet: based on the anthropological perspective of several Naturopathic authors and from simple observations, we as primates, just like our distant cousins, the great apes, are frugivores, eaters of primary fruits and green leaves, and it cannot be a coincidence that these substances make up the mucus-less or alkaline forming foods that even science has proven to be the best for human life and of.

Positive Mentality

Positive Mentality

Some passages from the Bible, which is arguably the most resilient book ever written, serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to approach any activity with a positive attitude and good judgment. "A guy is what he thinks in his heart" also, "Keep your heart in mind, for it is the stream of life." That being said, what you repeatedly think over time becomes reality.

The author of "Power of Positive Thinking," Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, asserts that while the mind occasionally possesses abilities that are incomprehensible to humans, "you are what you have now based on your thoughts five years ago and will be in five years what you constantly think of yourself now."

Thoughts are vital, but without action (especially when they are constructive and good), they are ultimately useless. However, the fact that you are reading this post indicates that you want to improve yourself, whether it is through weight reduction or in some other way.

Well, my friend, you will literally have to tune your thinking to be positive so as to overcome the doubts and fears as you go about accomplishing your goals. Like with any journey in life, of course, you will have times when you may want to give up, lose faith or focus and subsequently get off the path to success, which may explain why most people fail at diets and fads in the quest to lose weight. Since the two major pillars of drugless healing for weight reduction work hand in hand, it will really be simpler to implement them.

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