Weight Loss Support Is Critical

Weight Loss Support Is Critical

Weight Loss Support Is Critical

Why is it so tough for us to lose weight? Do we require healthier diets? Do we require more effective workout programs? Nutritionist Anne Collins says no. Finding sufficient support is the true secret to successful weight loss. Learn how to do it and begin reducing weight right away.

It is not difficult to lose weight. It does not necessitate any specific diet, foods, or fitness routine. All we have to do is consume fewer calories than we burn. Obesity persists despite this, as well as an increasing variety of diets and weight-control strategies. And the great majority of dieters find it nearly hard to lose weight without gaining it all back within a few months. Why is this the case? Because we don't receive enough assistance.

Get the right assistance to lose weight

Encouragement is what we need most when dieting. We require support in order to celebrate our victories and recover from failures. Amazingly, the majority of online programs for weight reduction fail to meet this demand. Instead, they emphasize the foods we should eat, the number of calories we should consume, and the type of activity we should perform. Although this information is helpful, it is not essential. Because most people already know this information. We struggle with motivation, though. We are aware of what to do to lose weight, but we are unable to keep it off.

We could not have the motivation to lose weight, our family circumstances can make it difficult, or we might detest cooking and eat out too much. Whatever challenge we face, it's unlikely to be resolved by diet or exercise. It's much more probable that the issue is one of motivation or lifestyle. However, as I've already mentioned, the majority of online programs don't provide assistance for motivation or a healthy lifestyle. And even then, their suggestions are frequently expensive and quite boring.

Analyses of dieters

A recent poll of participants in Anne Collins' online weight reduction program underlined the importance of having the right support. The program features a 24-hour online community forum with thousands of themes and around 100,000 postings that focus on inspiration and lifestyle support. Subjects were asked to evaluate the value they personally derived from the forum. The program's community forum was evaluated as "important" or "extremely significant" in assisting 81 percent of the 1,348 subjects who replied, while fewer than 5% stated it "made no difference." The findings point to the usefulness of a "community" approach to weight control, albeit they are by no means definitive.

Meetings for weight loss

Weight Watchers is perhaps the greatest choice for urban dieters. Even Weight Watchers has its limits, despite the fact that their meetings are specifically created to assist dieters in overcoming obstacles. First of all, joining costs money. Second, participants normally come once a week. Therefore, you might have to wait a few days for assistance if your diet wagon loses a wheel on a Saturday night before the next meeting. Weight Watchers now offers an online service, similar to eDiets, but again, at about $250–300 a year, it's not inexpensive.

Not simple to change behavior

It's hard to change our dietary patterns. Sure, knowing that a cup of fat-free milk has 40% fewer calories and 16 times less fat than full milk or that lean ground beef has 50% fewer calories and 4 times less fat than standard cheddar cheese is helpful, but how does this assist us in refusing the second slice of pizza? What satisfies our craving for a double cheeseburger and some fries? There isn't. Because resisting temptation demands a shift in mindset and priorities.

And from what I've seen, this requires patience and all the encouragement we can muster. People like us who have successfully altered their eating patterns and attitudes are needed to provide insight into the challenges they faced. Our primary requirement is a safety net in case we falter. To get through, we need someone to weep on and "tough love." In other words, we require the help of a true community.

Weight Loss Support

Join a community forum online

According to my observations, dieters who join a reputable online community forum may anticipate losing 400–500% more weight than those who do it alone. Additionally, individuals have a great probability of keeping off the weight reduction forever if they continue to participate in the community after accomplishing their objectives. This is due to the fact that an online community may provide a variety of unique advantages. It starts off by providing encouragement and personal counsel, as indicated. Second, it gives participants the chance to provide a hand to others, which usually has a positive impact on their sense of self and comprehension. 

Third, the majority of public forums are self-managed. A member may advance to the position of moderator or resident expert. This is a fantastic confidence booster as well as a strong motivation to keep off the weight you've dropped. However, the fact that internet forums are active around-the-clock, seven days a week, is by far the biggest advantage. Therefore, assistance and personal warmth are always available. They are genuine round-the-clock safety nets, particularly the Anne Collins forum, which has participants from every time zone on the planet.

Qualities to consider

The top forums are lively, professionally run, and offer excellent guidance and assistance. The number of "active" members is a better indicator of activity than the overall number of members. Additionally, it is best if there are more recent threads (topics) and postings (messages). It is a little more challenging to evaluate the forum's leadership and content. Open a recent thread, browse the postings, and seek for the following to do this.

The first thing to ask is how quickly members and/or moderators respond to inquiries. Second, are the inquiries and responses mostly serious or more lighthearted? A well-run forum would often have a larger proportion of serious postings. You should also consider whether the forum seems to be very "personal." Do you experience warmth and concern? Who are the most active age groups? Keep your eyes open and don't move too quickly. The key to your weight reduction success is finding the correct forum for you.

Focus on what is important

Keeping your attention on what counts is the key to weight reduction success. Therefore, avoid wasting too much time or money looking for the "ideal" diet. To any dietician or nutritionist, I intend no offense, but for the majority of people, a diet is a diet. It will be alright as long as it is somewhat balanced and has a manageable quantity of calories. Support is what counts most since it will enable you to handle temptation and disruptions along the way. A great choice is to sign up for an online community-based weight loss forum. Because you can move mountains when you have a large group of supportive individuals behind you.

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