3 Fitness Principles To Overcome Obstacles

3 Fitness Principles To Overcome Obstacles

3 Fitness Principles To Overcome Obstacles

If you're anything like me, the effort to get in shape and lose weight may be exhausting. As if getting in shape wasn't difficult enough, there are typically other challenges to overcome: health difficulties, time management, mustering bravery, or energy. Even if you've been exercising for years, there are always fresh challenges to overcome. So, how can we put it all into context?

That's exactly it, according to Tom Turner, executive liaison for the Spina Bifida Association. Also, no peak is too high for him to climb, he claims. Tom would be aware. He's been paralyzed from the waist down since birth and exercises three times a week. In fact, he claims that he couldn't function without exercise.

So, in my search for the final word on overcoming fitness hurdles, Tom sat down with me, and together we came up with three basic ideas that would help you overcome your fears and intimidations as you work toward your fitness objectives. (After all, shouldn't the fact that he can exercise on a daily basis be enough to persuade anybody to try?)

Principle #1 Embrace Your Fear

"Train your mind to think there is no such thing as a mountain too high or a goal too impossible to achieve," Tom advises. It's all about confronting your worries and addressing them in front. Aim to notice, acknowledge, and then get through your concerns using this technique. Consider what it is that makes you feel uneasy. Have you allowed yourself to become out of shape and fear that you will never recover? Do you have a fear of your body as a result of an injury? You can control your anxieties if you can picture them imaginatively. Imagine yourself as you want to be. 

Remember that your body adores you and is capable of full healing. All you have to do now is believe it and listen.

Principle #2 Trust Your Intuition

When conquering challenges and learning to break through boundaries, it's critical to start listening to your body's quiet little voice. We all desire the security of knowing what we can and cannot do in most situations. Our ultimate truth, however, is found inside us. This is not to imply that other people's opinions aren't valuable, but ultimately, decisions must be made within.

Consider how you feel when confronted with a difficulty or an impediment. What do your gut feelings tell you? Often, it's only your gut that shifts your perspective and raises your awareness. Tom tells me, "I wasn't about to let the wheelchair get in the way." In reality, he claims that all he had to do was shift his viewpoint on the situation. He claims that he had to first understand his limitations and then set a boundary for himself.


He informs me, "We all have boundaries." "Obstacles are as distinctive as people themselves, regardless of whether or not they can walk. As a result, it's crucial to first understand your limits."

Tom then informs me that he intends to stick to those limits. "I initially reach as high as I can within the limitations of my abilities. I give myself as much time as I need to complete my minor goals, whether it's extra sets, reps, or endurance. It constantly amazes me how quickly I can achieve a big objective by taking tiny measures."

Principle #3 Do Not Enter That Good Night Gently

So, what about fear? I was curious to learn more. What if we step into the fear and meet it face to face? "Are you ever afraid?" I inquired of Tom. “ "I've come to terms with fear after 19 procedures in my life," he adds. "It all boils down to our most fundamental fear: death." It's freeing to recognize that death is all part of the divine plan; you can let go of it and instead choose how to live. So, rather than being terrified of death, I choose how to live."

So, what's the message here? While speaking with Tom, I was reminded of Dylan Thomas' poem, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night." It seems acceptable in this context. The basic conclusion is that fear prevents us from genuinely living. "Life is all about attitude," Tom says, emphasizing the importance of having a good mindset. He also claims that he could succumb to terror, but he does not. He says, "I wouldn't want to miss being a part of tomorrow." So, what worries are preventing you from moving forward? Make today the day to confront them.

Finally, there is Life Beyond The Boundaries

What happens when you've faced your worries and pushed your boundaries to their limits? I was curious to learn more. Tom grins. He says matter-of-factly, "Find a new peak to climb." "It's what makes life enjoyable." I'm aware of my concerns. While my braces are being adjusted, I know there may be days when I need to stay in bed and relax. It's when I'm alone with my thoughts that I determine what I want to pursue."

Note from the author: In my own effort to live above the limits, I've picked Tom as my role model (he's my brother, which is fortunate for me). We frequently turn to the media for these sources, which are frequently deceptive. Look about you; angels are everywhere! There are "genuine" people around doing beautiful things. Take notes from them. Choose someone you look up to, admire, or admire for their principles. Set objectives and go for it! Set your intention in motion and enjoy the benefits.

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